The West

Western Canada, also referred to as the Western provinces and commonly as the West, is a region of Canada generally including all parts of Canada west of the province of Ontario. From west to east, these are British Columbia, the pacific province, and the three Prairie Provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The West is considered by many to be a cultural region with an identity separate from that of the rest of Canada, yet the parameters of these differences are not agreed upon by all Canadians. Certainly the popularity of things such as country music, cowboy hats and the rodeo is not shared by the rest of the country, yet the arts scene in the multi-cultural coastal city of Vancouver certainly rivals that of Toronto on the opposite side of the country. There are many special characteristics of this part of Canada, and the cultural scene is only one of them. The geography and topography of the landscape is unmatched by any other region of Canada, and the mountain chain stretching the length of the west coast is responsible for much of the beauty of this region. From Lake Louise in Banff to the snow capped peaks of Whistler in British Columbia, this region is paradise for those that spend their leisure time out of doors.

Relocating to this part of Canada can be a difficult transition due to the cultural differences alone, yet building a life in Western Canada can be a very rewarding move. Whether you currently reside in one of the many condo or the luxurious real estate options in Toronto, there is sure to be a comparable home for you in Western Canada, and new condominium complexes seem to be popping up all of the time in Calgary and Vancouver to name just a few locations.

The retail market in the West is a booming business, and new shops are opening on a daily basis selling varied products. Due to the wide range of goods available, consumers can easily find a portable toilet for their construction company and new furniture for their home in the same shopping trip! The amount of goods that are imported to the country are somewhat less expensive in the West due to the proximity of the shipping industries ports and harbors. The cost of transporting goods to the West is less expensive than driving them across the country to the East, therefore consumers enjoy slightly lower prices on household essentials and every day commodities that are imported.

The retail market is not he only thriving business in Western Canada, the pulp and paper sector as well as the fishing industry also hold huge stakes in the West, and there are many opportunities for employment in these and many other fields. Western Canada also boasts some of the country's top schools, including the UBC and Simon Frasier University, both located in British Columbia. Whether you are a scholar, a skilled trades worker applying ceramic coatings, a business professional or an artist, an amazing life awaits you in Western Canada.

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