Getting Around

Whether you're trying to commute from your condo in Toronto or your apartment building in Vancouver, sometimes you have to think outside the box and become more creative. Sure, the old staples of public transportation are always there for you. Taking a streetcar, SkyTrain or bus as part of your daily commute from your Vancouver, Calgary or Halifax real estate is what most people do. It's a staple of everyday big city life and one that a lot of people couldn't imagine living without.

However, public transportation is not always readily available. Big cities are congested which means there are a lot of people waiting to take public transportation like you. Getting from your condominium to work or to catch the Maple Leafs game can sometimes be a challenging endeavor because of the high volumes of traffic. Trying to catch a bus in the wee hours of the early morning when everybody is going to work can be tough. Sometimes the bus might not even stop if it already has too many passengers on it.

Thinking of commuting to work on a day that rains more than any other normal day? You might want to forget about it. The streets may be lined with buses which causes an increase in traffic delays but those buses will more than likely be packed without room to take on any extra passengers. Whether you're trying to commute from your Montreal or Etobicoke property, you might want to consider alternative routes of public transportation.

If you want to avoid the heavy traffic that's in most big cities, you might want to think about ditching the old standby ways of public transportation such as bus, car, or SkyTrain. If it's not a far commute, why not try walking? It's not a creative solution to the problem but it might be the most convenient one. Sure you might have to buy an umbrella or winter jacket for some cities but it is a cost saving measure. You also wouldn't have to worry about roaming problems that you tend to get in subway cars. Other ways of avoiding traffic can be done by biking to work, skateboarding, rollerblading or cycling if your adventurous enough.

A Segway is a different and innovative idea that you might want to try if you can afford such a machine. Sure, you might think you look funny riding around in that two wheeled electric vehicle but they are a very popular choice of transportation for commuters. Riding down the sidewalk at faster than walking speeds and without the worry of traffic should sound like a great idea for any commuter. Whatever your situation is, you might want to start considering a new mode of transportation for your daily commute if you are getting sick of the constant traffic.

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