The central area of Canada is a hubbub of activity, in terms of commerce, industry, real estate opportunities, as well as arts and leisure events. This region of Canada includes the country's two most populous provinces; Ontario and Quebec, whose combined population is approximately twenty million, over half the population of the whole country. These two provinces are sandwiched between four provinces on either side, which explains why this region is known as central Canada, despite the fact that it is entirely on the eastern side of Canada. In terms of population density, the rate of development, and political power, these two provinces are truly the center of the country, and contain the two most populous and world-renowned cities; Toronto and Montreal.

Storefronts clamor for your attention and business in a multitude of languages. Tides of people going about their day sweep past you along the busy streets. From the home-style sausages smoking on sidewalk grills to the express power lunches of Bay Street, Toronto buzzes with perpetual activity and ambition. The shops offer a vast array of goods and services, and it is not unlikely to find designer kids clothes on the same block. The sites to see in Toronto are also never ending, from the CN tower, to the Royal Ontario Museum, and from a Blue Jays baseball game at the Rogers center to award-winning films being screened at the Toronto International film festival, there is a form of entertainment available to even the most discerning tastes.

There are many trendy and popular spots to call home within the greater Toronto area, that offers residents a beautiful standard of living as well as a great return on their investment. For example, downtown condos provide a stunning view of lake Ontario while remaining accessible to subway lines and other essential services. There are many neighborhoods that are growing in popularity and value with each passing year, Yorkville or Rosedale to name a few, and investing in real estate is not only a great idea for the present, but this purchase will continue to serve you well in the future.

In the national capital of Ottawa, red-coated guards march past lofty European looking parliament buildings with choreographed precision. Grand boulevards designed to receive eminent dignitaries lead the way to the nation's treasures, and the gardens and statues along the way are breathtaking. Many political and business minded people fill these streets, and they are wide ranging: from politicians and their entourage to computer engineers who specialize in online collaboration software, many Ottawa residents come from different sectors and classes, yet they are all very fond of their city. A visit to the nation's capital will certainly prove why this is the case.

Montreal, like it's Ontario counterpart boasts many tourist attractions, including the annual Montreal Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs comedy tour, and of course the historic old port of Montreal, its endearing old world feel enhanced by the cobble stone streets, narrow and winding alley ways and centuries old architecture. Whether visiting central Canada on holiday, or making a life here, there are certainly endless opportunities to be found in this energized and thriving region of Canada.

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