Quebec City-Windsor Corridor

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The Quebec City-Windsor Corridor contains the most urbanized and industrialized areas of Canada, as well as the country's two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, and the national capital, Ottawa. The name of this area is derived from the names of the cities at each end and was first popularized by VIA Rail, which runs frequent passenger rail service on what it simply calls "The Corridor". Much like the Northeast Corridor in the United States, the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor name has been expanded to refer to the geography and the demography of the region that the corridor traverses. This area of Canada, located in the central part of the country is also the center of political power for the country, as well as many thriving industries and organizations.

The connectedness of the corridor may be responsible for its thriving success. Three of the countries most populated and developed cities are found in this region, and they are connected by waterways, railways, highways and airports. Furthermore, in February of 2009, Transport Canada launched a three million dollar study that is investigating the building of a high speed railway to serve the corridor. This will make travel in this region super efficient, connecting travelers from Windsor to Quebec city in a matter of minutes, which will open up the opportunities for many individuals. With this marvel of modern transportation in place, you could live in one of the swanky condos and work in Montreal, or reside one of the beautiful townhomes currently on the market and work in Windsor.

Clearly with the advent of the high speed rail, this area of the country will see a new boom in business and in real estate. It means that people will no longer have to live where they work, so a real estate agent could easily have a home for sale and live in Ottawa, and also have houses in Whitby, Ottawa or London area. The area that individuals will be able to serve, regardless of their profession will be larger and therefore more income will be available to spend on things such as highly coveted Annex real estate, tropical vacations or that big ticket item such as a new car or boat. If the government decides to go through with the construction of the high speed rail system, new jobs will be created and countless people will benefit from speedy travel between major Canadian city centers.

Historically, this region of Canada has held a great deal of power in terms of money making potential and business opportunities. Whether you are in real estate, as mentioned above, or the retail market or manufacturing, the possibilities in this populous region are endless. Many people have emigrated to this corridor from elsewhere within the country to take advantage of the opportunities that this region offers its residents. And it is not only in terms of work opportunities; there are countless national parks and green spaces along this corridor that are perfect retreats from busy daily life.

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