While Montreal is renowned for its gorgeous summer climates, there will be days, alas, when the forecast won't be pretty. Here are some great ideas on what to do when the rain starts to fall, or when you just want to get out and do something different. Whether you are a visitor to the city or a lifetime resident, taking in a or the latest art exhibit is a great way to spend a Saturday.

Remember those dreams of flying as a kid? Skyventure Montreal now gives you the chance to relive them. Its amazing vertical wind tunnel lets you soar like a bird and practice your free-fall stunts (or start learning them) in a highly secure environment. Thrills guaranteed! If the kids have got you climbing the walls, then why not do it, literally? Horizon Roc offers 27,000 sq. ft. of highly textured rock climbing space, recreational activities and courses for everyone, starting from five years of age. Still not your cup of tea? Find out if Little Jimmy really intends to run away and join the circus by offering him trapeze lessons here first. If he masters it, then he can join whatever circus he wants and join.

At 365 Volleyball, beach volleyball players never need to worry about iffy skies keeping them from digging balls fast and furious. The centre offers year-round indoor volleyball on gigantic sand courts (with Olympic-caliber sand) as well as a mezzanine for watching matches. Best of all, it operates on a drop-in basis, so if your swing is hot and your quads are strong, there's always a game to be a part of. Spelunkers will love exploring the natural underground cave at the Site Cavernicole de Saint-Leonard. Guided visits include a slide show and the chance to check out an authentic grotto that dates back 10,000 to 20,000 years. Bats not included.

Still hoping to relive the glory of popping your first BMX wheelie? Show the kids how it's done (or maybe they'll teach you how) at TAZ, one of Canada's biggest indoor multidisciplinary sports centers. Try inline, acrobatic and speed skating, skateboarding and other sorts of adrenaline-pumping action at the roller-dome or skatepark. Wrist pads, kneepads and fearlessness all recommended. That is, lf you want to avoid an accident leading to full time home health services.

The chic shopping area of St. Catherine Blvd. and the elaborate system of underground and connected shopping malls has everything and anything that you could imagine. In one day, you could easily find a cheap printing service as well as a great medical clinic. The goods and services available in Montreal are amazing, and generally quite easy to find. This downtown area also boasts award-winning gourmet dining experiences, as well as locally brewed beers on tap and the finest wines in the country. Clearly there are many reasons to love Montreal!

The saying goes that Montreal is for chocolate lovers. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. What's not to love about it? Its delicious in almost any form! Since this city is famous for its chocolatiers, we thought we'd point you to a few places to get your choco-fix on. For guaranteed taste bud bliss, a trip to some of the high-end confectioners is a must. Visit Genevieve Grandbois for delicate and delicious hand-made treats or Suite 88, Montreal's first-ever chocolate lounge and boutique - sake chocolate shooter, anyone?

If you're more the hands-on type, you might want to try a chocolate-making workshop. The Academie Culinaire offers one- or two-day sessions, for a total of six hours, on how to concoct mouth-watering truffles, mousses and ganaches like the masters. In April, you can sign up for a cozy chocolate-making session at Europea's L'Atlier and have gourmet chefs share sought-after sweet secrets. Got an appetite for something a little more luxurious? Then pamper yourself with the chocolate-based treatments over at Spa Espace Nomad. They'll stimulate your senses with a choco-cranberry body scrub or detoxify your skin with an organic chocolate and green tea body wrap. Clearly there is something for everyone in this decadent city!

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