TTC Fares and Passes

There are over 8 million people living in the Greater Toronto Area. If all of them had cars, there's no way anyone would ever be able to get anywhere. That's why there will always be people who need public transit to get home and work. Lucky for you that if you're one of the car-less masses and you're moving to Toronto, you're moving into an area with an extremely efficient and wide ranging public transit network. Below are your fare options so you can work out your transportation budget.

Cash Fares

Cash fares are the way to go if you don't plan on taking public transit very much, perhaps only such when a car brakes down and you need to get to your appointment for a Hamilton Ontario trademark lawyer. People who define themselves primarily as car drivers, cyclists, or walkers pay cash fares. It costs $3 per trip for an adult, $2 for a senior or a student, and $0.75 for a child. You can also buy tokens (5 for $12.50 or 10 for $15) and keep some on hand in case you don't have change.

Day Passes

A day pass is a good idea for anyone who thinks they'll be making more than four trips on public transit in a single day. This means it's a good option for cyclists, walkers, and car drivers who have a lot of errands to do that they can't accomplish via their usual means of transportation, or for people from away who have arrived for the day to travel all over the city to look at properties. Day passes are only ten dollars and are good from 5:30 am to end of service. Group passes are also available for one or two adults and up to 5 kids under age 19.

Weekly Passes

The weekly pass is the choice of many commuters who find themselves regularly making trips around Toronto during the week. Valid Monday through Sunday of the week listed, weekly passes are available in Toronto-only or entire-GTA format. This entire-GTA format will be great for you if you're looking at buying a house for sale. The Toronto pass costs $36 for an adult (about 12 trips) and $28 for a student or senior. You can also share the pass with friends and family as long as you're not all riding together.


Metropass is the fare choice for hard core transit users who work at a chiropractor in Etobicoke, as it gives you unlimited use of the TTC system for the entire month. Like the weekly pass, it is transferable, but if you want the student/senior discount you must show your ID when you present your card. It costs $121 per month.

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