City Living in Canada

Canadians are becoming increasingly urban citizens, and many families and individuals are choosing to reside in larger urban centers across the country. This trend of urbanization has been occurring in Canada for many generations and cities are increasing in size and strength due to the infinite number of valuable workers, thinkers and doers living in the big cities in Canada. Whether living in a bungalow in Calgary's city center, in one of the many trendy Leslieville homes, a high rise in Montreal's Centerville district, or a downtown Toronto condominium, city living has many perks and pluses. The following article will explore the many bonuses of living in a large Canadian city, and may answer some questions and quandaries that people looking to relocate to a large city center may encounter. Of course, with any big life changing decision, there are always acceptions to the rules and cases where individuals may need to make sacrifices to move out of the country side, yet the sheer magnitude of people living in large Canadian cities is proof that many of us can find a warm community and a happy life within the boundaries of the largest cities in the world, and especially in Canada.

The convenience of city living is one of it's biggest draws. With thousands of shopping malls and specialty boutiques (usually within walking distance or is just a subway or bus ride away) at your disposal, consumers can find whatever they need, no matter how bizarre or specific. Whether you are looking to buy a diamond studded neck tie, or want to see the newest line of bridal gowns, or Armani suits, the diversity of shopping available in Canada's largest cities is sure to please all of these desires.

It is not just the variety of shops that attract consumers to the city, it is the entire experience of a day spent popping into different shops and boutiques and feeling the energy of the city. This could mean stopping for a mid morning latte and muffin at one of the many cafes or coffee shops that are reliably scattered throughout all cities, along with pubs and restaurants offering everything from five star fine dining (that usually requires making reservations, sometimes months in advance), to road house American style food. A vast array of ethnic foods are also available in the city, from Ethiopian to Egyptian, and from Thai food to Tacos, there is bound to be something to appease every pallet. You would need to be equipped with a passport and money to get this much diversity outside of Canada.

Many of Canada's large cities have build entire industries around these restaurants, and award winning culinary artists. Montreal and Toronto in particular are world famous for the gastronomic pleasures they offer tourists, and Vancouver is joining the ranks of these Canadian cuisine capitals! The food services industry employs thousands of people and the companies range from the delis, restaurants, and cafes, to grocers, bakers, catering companies, and food PR agencies to name a few. The opportunities in this sector alone are endless in large cities, both in terms of employment and enjoyment.

Getting around in a big city is much easier a task than traveling in small towns or counties. This is thanks to the vast infrastructure of public transportation in place in large cities, which includes buses, street cars, subways, taxis and trains. Deciding to use public transportation is a wise choice: reducing your personal carbon footprint while contributing to the city's economy is sure to bring joy to these transit travelers. The Federal government also offers incentives to choose to travel this way, and monthly transit passes are one hundred percent deductible through income tax. This makes it more affordable for city dwellers and encourages a green way of getting around. Many individuals also choose to ride a bicycle to work or school, which is another great way to cut down on burning fossil fuels as well as personal expenses. Many cities are very cyclist friendly, offering a special lane on city streets for bicycles only, as well as many bike paths throughout the parks and trails found within the city itself.

A common misconception of large cities is that they are lacking in parks areas and green spaces. This notion, however, is a myth, and Canadian cities are filled with these natural oasis areas. This is due to the fact that nature and outdoor exercise are important to many city residents, and Canada has always been known for its vast landscapes of beautiful natural areas. From Gros Morne National Park on the east coast to the BC rainforest on the west coast, there are many beautiful spots across Canada, including within it's largest cities, and this is one of the many perks of living in a large urban center.

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